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Double room BB - 36 EUR (max 2 pers.)
Triple room BB - 51 EUR (max 3 pers.)
Apartment / Studio BB- 67 EUR (4/5 pers.)

Double room HB - 45 EUR (max 2 pers.)
Triple room HB - 67 EUR (max 3 pers.)
Apartment / Studio HB - 80 EUR (4/5 pers.)

* If you paid more than 3 nights, on reception, you'll get special discount of 3 %

Villa "Mineral 56"

For your well-deserved rest at the foot of the Pirin, Rila and Rhodopes mountains!

"Mineral 56" is located in the picturesque resort village of Banya. Only 4 km away from the biggest ski center in Bulgaria - Bansko, "Mineral 56" offers excellent conditions for a relaxing holiday. Perfectly equipped, the hotel features a restaurant swimming pool, fitness and spa center. The villa offers throughout the year the desired peace and unforgettable moments, combining the experience in the mountain and health donating mineral water. 

Pool with mineral water

The mineral water in Mineral 56, Banya village, can be used for SPA, spa treatment and prevention of: 1. Chronic inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, 2. Prevention of old injuries – fractures, dislocations, bruises, rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, disc disease, spinal inflammation and fractures, 3. Chronic diseases.

Prices and reservations

For reservations and questions you can use the phone +359,899,197 759. In 3+ nights paid at the reception, you receive a 3% discount on the selected package.

"Old Macedonia" guest house

Gostun village – the village that carries the spirit of the memorial 1912 year. Old Macedonia house - Witness of the years and the vicissitudes of history. Lonely, beautiful and proud. www.gostun.com Distance from hotel Mineral 56 – 30 minutes by car.